Pink Craftie in the Rose City February 27, 2007

Working on our crazy freelance/self-employed taxes has pretty much worn me out this week. And if I ever needed something cute to look at, it’s about now… so on a happier note, here are my favorite Pink Craftie snapshots from our visit to Portland!

Pink Craftie at the Super Crafty valentine-making party
Pink Craftie at the Super Crafty valentine-making party

Our first stop was the library for a Super Crafty valentine-making party. Pink Craftie got to meet the Happy Hex Voodoo Doll (Torie‘s favorite project from the book!) and hang out with the ladies of PDX Super Crafty and the forty crafters who came out to make cards with us.

Pink Craftie visits all buttoned up.

We got to see Melissa of all buttoned up one afternoon too, which was lovely. Her vintage fabric collection — especially those incredible horses — and handmade fabric boxes are big favorites of mine. And after seeing the super-stylish clothes she made with the Sew U patterns, I can assure you that the book skyrocketed to the top of my wishlist.

Pink Craftie visits Superbuzzy HQ

We also visited Superbuzzy World Headquarters with Diane to pick up my fabric order (handkerchief print! yay!) and visit with Mariko. She made the most delicious red velvet cookie sandwiches with cream cheese filling — the recipe, which I bookmarked immediately (and you should too), is here. Then we all headed over to Knittn Kitten with Action Hero Melissa for some vintage craft supplies shopping…

Mariko, Melissa, and Diane with Pink Craftie at Knittn Kitten

…I love that place, I found some embroidered pillowcases, cardinal appliques, and 1969-70 McCalls Needlecraft annuals. Then Diane taught me how to crochet — I feel like I acquired a new superpower!

And of course, Pink Craftie and I had to stop by the Orange Room at Powells Books. She spotted the CRAFT magazine display and made a beeline for it!

Pink Craftie visits the Orange Room at Powells
Pink Craftie at Powells

We also spotted Making Stuff, a new British craft book that I have a project in. I will definitely write more about it soon — I wanted to wait until it was available here in the US, and obviously now it is. Cool.

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