23 hours, 22 minutes… January 27, 2007

to go on the surprise second round of the Kim Family Auction. When all the bidding ended a few weeks ago on the donated art and craft pieces, the person who won the Jill Bliss and Neblo Peklo prints didn’t return e-mails or pay for the artwork. Boo. So now they’re back up, in a 24-hour auction hosted on the Kim family auction site (not eBay), and the bidding will all unfold in the comments of the two posts in question.

Native Herb posters by Jill Bliss

I put the very first bid in on Jill Bliss’s prints, and I’d be ecstatic to win them… but more than that, I’d love help raise some money for the Kims. So please, feel free to go outbid me with abandon! Just be quick about it — the bidding ends at 6 pm Pacific tomorrow (Sunday, January 28).

I was planning to write this up tomorrow morning but then I thought, there’s no time like the present, and I’m catching a train out to Anaheim pretty early to go to the CHA show. I’m bringing my camera along and hoping to have a chance to post some photos and write up the craft craziness tomorrow — we’ll see! If the tickets haven’t sold out I’ll be one of the kajillion audience members at Martha Stewart’s keynote speech tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!

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