the Hollywood Farmer’s Market December 31, 2006

My friend Libby called yesterday to invite me to meet up at the farmer’s market this morning, and I’m so glad she did! I’d kind of lost track of what day it was this week after so much traveling, and I’d barely registered that Sunday/Hollywood Farmer’s Market day was on the horizon.

We met up at 9 in the center of the market and walked around for an hour buying beautiful food. I love the way the market is set up: four blocks radiating out from the Selma/Ivar intersection (a block off Hollywood and Vine) are closed off all morning, and there are dozens of vendors lining both sides of the streets selling all kinds of vegetables, plants, flowers, cheese, meat, fruit, and bread. In the center there’s a balloon animal dude who made my nephew Julian a sword and holster last summer, and you can always sign up for free sneak-peek tickets to movies. Plus there is so much amazing stuff to eat on the spot — vegetarian soul food, bakery treats, kettle corn (Julian’s favorite), and omelet quesidillas (my favorite). Libby and I each got a Gardener’s Omelet and a huge lemonade for breakfast, which was so good I hated to finish it.

Hollywood Farmer's Market on New Year's Eve

I bought raspberries, a pomegranate, baby bok choy, lemons, basil, sage, thyme, brussels sprouts, and two kinds of carrots, plus three bunches of daisies…

Everything I bought at the farmer's market

…so tonight we’ll be having roasted carrots and brussels sprouts with fried sage leaves, and raspberries and pomegranate for dessert. I can’t wait!

If you go:

-The market is open from 8 am to 1 pm every Sunday, year-round. Like one of my other Los Angeles favorites, the Rose Bowl flea market, it’s a lot nicer on the early end — so much less crowded.

-Bring a big market bag with you, if you have one, but all the vendors will give you plastic bags if you need them.

-Take the Red Line to Hollywood and Vine, or if you drive, you can park on the street a block or two away (meters are free on Sundays) or in the ArcLight parking lot for $1 for 2 hours (the first hour is free).

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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