Sewing machines and quilt squares December 22, 2006

While I was out and about in New York this week, I spotted some beautiful neon sewing machine signs, so of course I had to take a bunch of pictures. Here are four of my favorites:

Sewing Machines of New York

I wasn’t really shopping for fabric this trip, mostly buttons and jewelry supplies, so it was nice to get a little sewing fix via my camera at least. I miss my sewing machine back in Los Angeles so much! I can’t wait to work on my coin quilt next month — I’ve already cut out all the pieces, so now I’m looking forward to the fun part: piecing it and seeing all 77 of the patterns together. I’ve been saving scraps from all my projects since I started sewing six years ago, and of course I had to mix in some of the new Denyse Schmidt prints too…

the first 32 coin pieces I cut out for myself

It’s my first quilt so I’m a little nervous I’ll screw it up somehow, but I’m really excited. Hopefully I’ll have lots of pictures in January — that would be a nice birthday present to myself!

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