Stumptown Coffee November 26, 2006

Have I mentioned my intense love for Stumptown coffee over here yet? I am a huge coffee person — living in Portland for nine years will do that to you — and Stumptown is the best of the best. We even thanked them in the acknowledgments when we published Super Crafty, since their amazing coffee fueled our crafty project marathons!

It is such a treat now that I’m in Los Angeles most of the time… and Stumptown is not. They don’t sell it to cafes or shops outside of Portland so every time I’m back I snap some up and ration it out slowly. So when our friend Bethe came down to visit on Thursday night, and brought us two pounds of whole beans, I swear it was like Christmas in November.

Here’s a pound with my two favorite coffee cups**:
stumptown coffee and my favorite coffee cups

The other thing I really appreciate about Stumptown is their emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability. All their employees get health insurance, and the company records their workers’ bands and and puts out compliation records. They donate freshly roasted coffee to the Oregon Food Bank, and they also sponsor local art and music events (like our Super Crafty book release party, for example!).

So if you are also a coffee type (or you have one or two on your holiday gift list), keep in mind that you can buy their coffees online by the pound on their new site. My favorite is the Holler Mountain blend, which is organic and fair trade, but they’re all incredible, so why not order three or four kinds and try them all?

**I love this cheerful flower pattern and I’m always searching for the other color combinations — somewhere (probably in storage in Portland?) I have the reverse of the orange/yellow print too. It reminds me of the sheets on my twin bed when I was little.

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