Holiday Cooking November 22, 2006

I love cooking and I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow — Andrew and I are making grilled salmon, brussels sprouts, green beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pie. (Well, to be honest, we had to buy the pie because our oven broke, which is such a drag.) It’s kind of a ridiculous spread for just the two of us but I’m excited anyway!

No food pictures yet, but here’s my Deadly Squire oven mitt, which will be seeing plenty of action:
Deadly Squire oven mitt

And here are some of my favorite holiday recipes, if you’re interested in adding a little something new to your line-up… how about red vegetable soup, roasted vegetables, cornbread stuffing, or chocolate-chip bourbon pecan pie? I promise they’re all really easy to make. The pie is especially killer.

Oh, and here’s a new mocktail I made up this week:
-3 parts Trader Joe’s ginger lemonade
-1 part pomegranate-cherry juice
over ice, with a lime wedge.

I’ll definitely be having that tomorrow, and maybe some champagne too.

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving!

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