Cathy of California November 20, 2006

If you adore vintage crafts (as I do) you will not want to miss a single entry over at Cathy of California‘s new blog. She posts incredible 60s and 70s photographs and craft supplies from her astonishing stash, adding links to, and details about, all kinds of cool things. My favorite post to date is her intriguing entry on Aleene Jackson, inventor of the beloved Tacky Craft Glue. I found a signed copy of Aleene’s autobiography on eBay within an hour (and fyi, you can get copies on Amazon for a penny).

I first met Cathy at the inaugural Felt Club in May and chatted with her when she bought one of my skirt kits. I got to see all her work at the next month’s event and snapped up one of her adorable pink felt-embellished wastebaskets — it’s perfect next to my sewing table. I also love her felt flower cupcake toppers and display many of them in my kitchen. Felt has always been my favorite craft supply and Cathy uses it in amazing ways!

If you’re not in Los Angeles, she has a freshly updated etsy shop full of her pieces to browse, too. But back to the blog — here’s one of her images, an amazing 1967 tile mural from a children’s hospital in LA designed by Mary Blair.


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