Bird Call encore November 15, 2006

I got to stop by Susie Ghahremani‘s opening at Giant Robot on Saturday night, which was amazing. Her beautiful paintings were gorgeously arranged on every available wall space (150 is a lot of pieces!), and people were snapping them up at a dizzying speed. I looked at everything and saw that my absolute favorite piece was still unclaimed, so I got in the line of hopefuls waiting to buy her work. I kept my fingers crossed the entire time, watching everyone ahead of me choose what they wanted, and hoping that nobody else fell in love with the one I’d spotted… and sure enough, ten or fifteen minutes later, M4 was mine!

my painting from Bird Call!

Here it is, my red record player! I am so thrilled.

I got to chat with Susie for a second and congratulate her on her show — which is just stunning. It’s up through December 6, if you’re in the city and have time to go. The collection of her work is lovely, and it’s framed with hand-painted birds and flourishes all around the installation. I’m definitely going back to see everything again in a more relaxed setting than the bustle of opening night!

update: Here is a super cute picture of Susie at the show, hanging out with her little birds. Bonus: my teeny little record player painting is off to the right with its red dot.

If you go:
Giant Robot
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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